Our Cats

Members of our Family

Our new queen, Sarsenstone Pipsissewa of Quizzical, had a litter of five on February 17. Pipsi is an athletic, svelte little scamp who has become one of the most visible members of our family. She is intelligent and industrious and enjoys telling us about her day in her incongruous, distinctive voice.

In addition to our queen we have three Sarsenstone alters, one of whom, RW SGCA Sarsenstone Kraisorn, we have shown in TICA to a Regional win and to the top Thai alter spot Internationally as 2016’s Best Thai Alter.  This means that he is a good example of the Thai breed in that his physical appearance conforms to  the Thai breed standard established by TICA.  

For more about us see below: The Joy of Old Style Siamese – Why We Value the Breed





The Joy of Old-Style Siamese

Why We Value the Breed

Having grown up with the Old-Style Siamese we know the joy of having a cat that can be an intellectual match. Some people are more interested in a sedentary feline companion but our preference is for a cat that looks you in the eye may talk to you openly about various matters. Even a brief acquaintance with one of them will convince you of their intelligence and ingenuity.  If you need to find your way out of a locked room, ask a Siamese.

For many years we tried to replicate the experience we had in the 1960’s living with Siamese by finding cats which had the Siamese appearance. These were much loved feline family members but they seemed to lack many of the characteristics we remembered from the “old days”.  In the mid-2000’s we learned that many others had experienced the same disappointment but that knowledgeable breeders had joined forces by forming the independent Old-Style Siamese club, PREOSSIA. They had worked together to gain breed recognition in The International Cat Association (TICA) and there is now a breed called the “Thai” (often referred to as “Thai Siamese”) which had all those Siamese characteristics we had been missing. 

A similar club, The Old Style Siamese Club, was formed in the United Kingdom in 2000 for the purpose of promoting and preserving the older “type” of Siamese.  There is a wealth of information on their site about what an Old Style Siamese is and the history of the Siamese breed, including Historic Photographs.