Our Old Style Siamese Cats 

Members of our Family

Rowden Abbey Trillium of Quizzical


Rowden Abbey Trillium of Quizzical is our lovely new seal point queen from long lines of British Old Style Siamese.  Not only is she a talker but she is quite the “triller” particularly to her babies.  She loves her people, play and snuggles.










Emrys Nootka of Quizzical


Emrys Nootka of Quizzical is our lovely chocolate point queen from long lines of British Old Style Siamese.  She is a talker, including a variety of conversations daily with her kittens.  She also is very much a people person and an excellent retriever.





RW SGC Sarsenstone Camas of Quizzical

RW SGC Sarsenstone Camas of Quizzical is our seal point king from long lines of Old Style Siamese including decades of American breeding specifically targeting genetic diversity and health.  









Emrys Kniknik of Quizzical


Emrys Kniknik of Quizzical is our chocolate point king. On both his maternal and paternal sides his lines come from GCCF registered pure (CS) Siamese lines, with his mother’s lines being even rarer as they are all 24s. In addition to his stellar pedigree he is a sweet natured boy, playful and a talker, loving nothing better than a purr and a belly rub.  










We have shown a variety of alters including RW SGCA Sarsenstone Kraisorn who is both a regional winner in The International Cat Association and took number one the spot internationally in 2016, 2017 and 2019.









All of our cats enjoy being part of the family and our kittens are socialized throughout their time with us, including lots of play and involvement in our lives. Camas and others have accompanied us on family vacations. 





















































The Joy of Old Style Siamese

Why We Value the Breed

Having grown up with the Old Style Siamese we know the joy of having a cat that can be an intellectual match. Some people are more interested in a sedentary feline companion but our preference is for a cat that looks you in the eye and talks with you openly about various matters. Even a brief acquaintance with one of them will convince you of their intelligence and ingenuity.  If you need to find your way out of a locked room, ask a Siamese.

For many years we tried to replicate the experience we had in the 1960’s living with Siamese by finding cats which had the Siamese appearance. These were much loved feline family members but they seemed to lack many of the characteristics we remembered from the “old days”.  In the mid-2000’s we learned that breeders across the world were breeding to preserve the Old Style Siamese. Our purpose in breeding at Quizzical is to contribute to that effort.